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Tutoring and Mentoring Program


DSKM Tutoring and Mentoring Program’s (TMP) mission is to serve the Ethiopian youth in the Washington metropolitan area by boosting academic performance while developing their character in order to give them the support they need to finish high school and go to college. DSKM TMP, herein after called the Program, targets middle and high school students to assist them develop the work and study habits necessary to be successful in life. The program provides academic assistance to students in Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, English, Amharic, public Speaking and Writing.


DSKM TMP meets every Saturday throughout the school year to offer elementary and high school students help in Math, Physics, English, Biology, Chemistry and Amharic. The program also assists students develop their oral and visual presentation and public speaking skills. DSKM TMP also organizes field trips to parks, universities, planetariums, museums, cultural shows and the like to students who participate in the program.


The goal of the DSKM TMP is to provide participating students with the academic assistance they need. It is also the goal of the program to strengthen the tutoring and mentoring program and develop it in such a way that it could be duplicated in the rest of the United States and Ethiopia. DSKM TMP aims to create a program that could be easily duplicated by other Churches, Mosques, and other civic and community organizations.

Program organization  

DSKM TMP will have the following organizational structure. The structure is classified into “Roles” with associated “Responsibilities” The person/persons who fill the roles can volunteer for the position or get nominated by the program coordinating committee and serve at the pleasure of the program coordinating committee.

They, however, can enlist other volunteers to assist them in the discharge of their duties. 

The role are the following:

1. Program Coordinator Role:

  • Is responsible for the overall coordination of the different activities of the program in collaboration with other coordinator roles
  • Is responsible for making sure that physical resources like classroom and other required facilities are available for the tutoring sessions
  • Is responsible for making sure that the volunteer tutors have the required academic skills to provide effective tutoring to students
  • Is responsible for preparing standard forms for the registration of students and volunteers
  • Serves as the liaison between the 2010 – 2011 DSKM TMP and the Church
  • Is responsible for making sure that volunteers assigned to other program organizational roles are performing their duties to the satisfaction of the students and providing them the
  • assistance they need in the discharge of their duties
  • Is responsible for the recruitment of volunteer tutors and mentors

2. Volunteer Coordinator Role

  • Is responsible for the registration of volunteers that are deemed to be eligible to participate DSKM TMP
  • Is responsible for making sure that there are enough volunteers to cover the expected turn out of students for every tutorial session both in number and subject area
  • Is responsible for making sure that ONLY the required number of volunteers are available for any given day to avoid volunteer burn – out
  • Is responsible for keeping track of the progress of students program and provide remedial solutions if a student does not achieve the desired progress
  • Is responsible for the volunteer and student intake process including need and skill identification of students and volunteers respectively
  • Is responsible for scheduling of volunteers and students for tutoring sessions both on and off church premises  

3. Student Coordinator role

  • Is responsible for matching a student with a volunteer mentor to maximize the effectiveness of the teaching-learning process
  • Is responsible for devising a means to increase the effectiveness of the tutoring program
  • Is responsible for the registration of students and proper identification of their needs and matching students with the appropriate volunteer tutor

4. Parental involvement Coordinator and liaison Role

  • Is responsible for coordinating parental involvement in DSKM TMP by making sure that parents are involved in every step of the tutoring process from planning to the actual running of the tutoring program
  • Is responsible for making sure that disciplinary issues are dealt with in a timely manner by involving the parent of a child with disciplinary issues
  • Is responsible for organizing and planning the financing of any field trip taken as part DSKM TMP

5. Oral and Visual Presentation Skill development Coordinator Role

  • Is responsible for helping students with their presentation by assisting them in the selection of a topic for presentation, method of presentation and in the actual preparation of the presentation by holding individual consultative sessions with the students
  • Is responsible for preparing and submitting a schedule showing who will make presentation, when and on what topic
  • Is responsible for assisting students in the process of preparing their presentation by giving them material, technical and moral support
  • Is responsible for making sure that the facilities for making the presentation are available and ready for use at the time of the presentation  

Program Participation Criteria

DSKM TMP will accept students based on the following conditions and criteria

  • Participants in DSKM TMP will be accepted on first-come first- served basis
  • Participation in the program is limited to students from ninth grade to high school seniors, the exception being returning students who have been a part of the DSKM TMP during the previous school year
  • Since this is designed as a remedial program, students who require remedial assistance academically will be given priority to enroll in the program
  • The total number of students enrolled in the program will depend upon the number of volunteers available to participate in the program but will be limited to a maximum of 30 students.  

Program limitations and assumptions

The program is based on the following assumptions

  • There will be enough interest among students and parents to participate in the program
  • There will be enough volunteers with the required skill sets to provide their services 
  • The students are responsible for providing the required coursework material

The program will have the following limitations

  • The number of students who will be receiving tutoring assistance on church premises will be limited to the maximum safe capacity of the tutoring facility which currently stands at thirty (30)
  • Tutoring and skills development assistance will be limited to math, reading/writing, the sciences and the development of oral and visual presentation skills