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The education division of Re'ese Adbarat Debre Selam Kidest Mariam church mission is to provide an opportunity for the youth to learn about the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo faith, worship, practices, history, language, society, culture, geography and the economic basis of the country. It strives to create a safe and stable environment for children in terms of their emotional, physical and spiritual life.



  • Provide a forum for religious teachings, including bible study, religious songs, moral and ethics and the history of the church
  • Teach liturgy, Amharic, and Geez languages to children who grew up  in the USA.
  • Invite different Ethiopian and other professionals and scholars to conduct presentations in the area of their expertise with special emphasis on the Ethiopian society, history, culture, geography and economy. Presentation emphasis will also be placed on cultural shocks identity crisis as well as acceptable moral and social values
  • Provide an environment where children can socialize and entertain
  • Create awareness about social and cultural challenges at home, school and within the society.
  • Build up a healthy, God loving and responsible generation (citizens).
  • Hand over the religious, historical and cultural values of Ethiopia to the new generation.


DSK Mariam Education Program Project Proposal


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